Inspire Partners

was established as a result of the collective view and vision of the founders arising from our experiences, achievements and accumulated skill set as successful business owners and managers. We are passionate about business and about actively making a difference to our clients.

We are a business consultancy with a difference –

Uniqueness and Versatility

Our extensive and varied  business knowledge and experience blended with new skills acquired from the Innovation Management Programme at Dublin City University and the Ryan Academy gives us a unique skill set to develop innovative solutions for your business and provide you with our road map designed to optimise your potential. Inspire Partners gives you a solution that fits your business, your industry and your particular needs. We are problem solvers who create practical solutions and realistically implement plans that meet your needs.

Commitment to success

At Inspire we don’t just deliver a plan and walk away, we collaborate and implement with you and are committed to your success. We can seamlessly integrate into your team and provide  assistance  and guidance to develop the best solution for your business .

Our service goes beyond the project end and our commitment to your success ensures that we will follow up with a consultation to assess progress.

We adhere to the ethos and code of ethics of the Institute of  Management Consultants and Advisers (IMCA) of which we are all members. We work at building relationships to generate trust and ensure that the highest professional standards are maintained.

Future Leadership and Transformation

Change is not only a constant but is essential to survival and sustainability into the future. We at Inspire are committed to the concept of Continuous Improvement utilising our core skills to embrace a transformational approach to all aspects of business.

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